"January in the Frontal Lobe" by JULIA BUNTAINE


"January in the Frontal Lobe" by JULIA BUNTAINE


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Day 17 of 31
Digital print
13”H x 16”W
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"The brain is a plastic organ; between learning, new experiences, remembering, and forgetting, a multitude of neural and network connections that make up the brain change every day according one's experience. Importantly, much in the brain also remains the same day to day; when you wake up you know who you are, where your job is, where you keep your T-shirts when you go to get dressed, which you remember you are supposed to do.  January in the Frontal Lobe is a series of digital drawings that represent the plastic processes of learning and memory. With 31 drawings in total, this piece is a snapshot into the month of the life of the brain. Laid out in this calendar format, the first drawing is based directly on a brain cross-section generated by the Seung Lab at MIT. Each subsequent drawing is then based on the previous one. Since we can't yet see on the cellular level how the brain changes from day to day, this work is an imagination, an educated approximation, of how this snapshot of the brain may change or not change on a daily basis. Colors standing in for content, the morphologies of the neurons vary slightly as connections are reinforced or weaken. Some colors take over for a few days at a time, acting as a thought which you cannot shake. Some elements largely remain the same, acting as the bedrock of the self." —Julia Buntaine