Lien Truong + War Child

"In Heterotopias, I work within a hybrid genre of narrative painting, in our collective history. Embracing Michel Foucault’s concept of heterotopias as sites that mirror, distort, and invert other spaces, my painted gestures bear the uniform of regional textile designs; referring to a worldwide textile trade that for centuries has been a complicated narrative of migration, hierarchy and power. The trade assigned the various Easts with exotic mystery, and supplanted it significantly as the other. The nonverbal aesthetics of textiles transcends language barriers, yielding notable capacity to be culturally absorbed. The movements become phantoms to the chords of colonialism and conflict, creating a labyrinth of violence, migration and coupling. The paint and space coalesce, creating an entanglement of our eternally diasporic, global world. ."—Lien Truong