"Under the Surface"
Solo Exhibition by Julia Buntaine

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Under the Surface" explores the inner workings of the brain imagined as the depths of an ocean. For this one-night-only solo exhibition I'll be showing two series of works which will be installed specifically, and specially, for this location. 

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Phantom Limb

Danielle Ezzo & Sophie Kahn

December 2016

Phantom Limb is the new prothesis. It draws attention to the evolving post-digital landscape in relationship to the self. How do we define ourselves physically, socially, or psychologically through the immaterial medium of digital technology? How do those technologies express themselves in the real world? The trace of these imperfect processes is something that Danielle Ezzo and Sophie Kahn’s work have in common. Both beginning with photographic technology, they inspect the artifacts of the human form. The imperfection and fragility of both body and tool have a strange symbiotic connection.

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