Desirée Holman's work is informed by a sense of “otherness” and the existence of alternative viewpoints. Holman identifies as an artist-cum-amateur anthropologist. Informed by research and observation, the work engages performance and sculpture in elaborate productions captured as video, photography, paintings and drawings that explore themes of identity, social transgression, and alternative realities. Projects are produced as thematic series that investigate the behaviors of various subcultures, often predicated on notions of family, social norms and connectivity. Each series engages multiple participants – including choreographers, dancers, performers, musicians, videographers, and computer programmers – and are often produced over an extended period.


Kadist Art Foundation, Paris/San Francisco
UCLA Armand Hammer Museum
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Berkeley Art Museum


Clinton Foundation


Oakland, CA USA

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Previously Featured Projects

16" x 16"
Color Pencil on Paper

16" x 16"
Color Pencil on Paper