Jon-Paul Villegas

Plastic Rules/Nature Drools

May 2014

In Plastic Rules/Nature Drools, Jon-Paul Villegas cobbles together a series of modest, meticulously crafted objects which simultaneously reference natural processes, chance physical occurrences, and magical thinking.  Swerving back and forth between the precious and the comically makeshift, Villegas's works propose a world steeped in existential ambiguity about the nature of facture, purpose and presentation, presenting a physical space that borrows extensively from multiple theoretical realms ranging from philosophical materialism, to late twentieth century industrialism, to art-historical modernism and post-modern critique.  The end result is an oblique, willfully obscurantist meditation on our contemporary notions of culture, objecthood, and the increasingly uneasy detente between our conceptions of the organic and the artificial.

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Exhibition Photography by Sasha Charoensub