Reuben Lorch-Miller

Living Is The Best Thing

April 2014

The photocopy is the most accessible form of mass production, design, publication and THOUGHT-IMAGE PROLIFERATION. Logic and Illogic Information is conformed (form formed) to the limits of one-side or two-sides rectangle. The uniform size and pick a color, colors, Postal, Goldenrod, Rose and Sky. BLACK & WHITE. At cents per, it's easy to spread the news and hope and pray that the toner don't bleed. YOU CAN DO IT. Because of limits and time and urgency, how quickly the edges run out and must be forgiven and make a new next one for next time. BE SURE TO PROPHET AND NOT LOSE HOPE. Someone will listen to this. Someone will read this. Someone will look at this. Slipped into the cracks, between the sheets, behind the bend. TRANSMISSIONS UNDER THE RADAR. Follow a hidden curving path incised in carbon markers, messengers and iron heat objects temporarily solidified on cold ground. Measure out the flame, OK? ENERGY TO LIGHT THE WAY.

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Exhibition Photography by Sasha Charoensub